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Patient participation

Your views

As a GP practice, we want to provide a high quality of care for our patients.

One of the ways we do this is by working as part of a group with other practices.  We believe this helps patients  because we  can share expertise and support.

We want to make some improvements and we want to know what you think about our ideas.

We would be grateful if you could fill in this short survey here.


What is the Patient Participation Group?

We have a Patient Participation Group which meets six times per year. The aims of the group are to provide an opportunity for two-way feedback between the practice and the patients, to work together to improve services and facilities for the patients of the practice. We also discuss the results of the annual patient surveys and practice performance.

We want to ensure that the people who use our services are able to have their say.  Your opinions matter to us, the people who use the service are the best people to tell us how we are doing and if any improvements need to be made. The PPG is currently chaired by Kerrie Hedley.

To understand more about the remit of the PPG, you can view the Terms of Reference of the group below.

How can I join the Group?

We are particularly interested in representatives from teenagers, parents and those who are less able bodied (e.g. blind/deaf/physical restriction etc).  If you are interested in joining the group, please contact the Kerrie at rothburypractice.ppg@nhs.net.

If you would like to be emailed a copy of PPG meeting minutes please email Kerrie.

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