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Dear Rothbury Practice Patients,

I wanted to say thank you on behalf of the surgery to our patient population for working with us during this very difficult time.  We had to dramatically change the way we worked in order to keep you and your families and our staff as safe as possible.  We managed to continue to see and speak to patients with an urgent need throughout the initial peak of the Covid-19 crisis.  We did this because the vast majority of patients were happy to see requests for routine help postponed.  We appreciate your patience.

It is becoming clear that we will need to continue to work in this new way for the  foreseeable future.  NHS England continues to stimulate that all face-to-face appointments need to be preceded by a consultation with a healthcare professional.  We agree with this position which aims to reduce your risk of Covid-19, particularly as we move into the autumn and winter when a potential second wave is possible.  Our Practice Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and GPs will be consulting on the phone much more than in the past. 

Some of you will now be familiar with how to contact us using the online form based eConsult platform, this can be accessed by clicking on the banner at the bottom of our practice website . We are also using AccuRx to contact patients via text.  Rest assured that we are sensitive to the fact that not all modalities of consultation suit every person and every condition.  We have safe procedures for seeing patients face-to-face, but we hope you understand why we must reduce such consulting to a minimum.

We are trying to make accessing our services as simple as possible.  To that end, please note the following.

Our systems will evolve over the coming months and we do appreciate that not knowing how your request for our collective expertise will be dealt with can cause anxiety.  However, we will continue to be here for you whatever happens and will always endeavour to deliver safe, high quality care whilst prioritising those with the greatest need. 

Yours faithfully,

Dr Jack Lamb

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